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Opal Hill Mine

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                     Opal Hill Mine

              Dig your own Fire Agate Mine

Wiita Mining and Exploration does not own the Opal Hill Mine, we offer guided, private tours to the property. I will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding a tour to the Opal Hill Mine. This phone number is only for those interested in a private tourNOT general information about the mine. Private tours start at $300.00 per day for 1-2 people, and we provide everything needed to get fire agate. There is currently no contact number for the mine, so it is all at your own risk to go there on your own.   

The Opal Hill Mine is located in Palo Verde, CA. That is in the south eastern part of California, by the Colorado River. The Opal Hill Mine is a fee dig site, meaning you have to pay the daily fee of $25.00 per person (12 and under are free) to dig here for fire agate. The Opal Hill Mine is open Oct.. - Apr. .

* This is a just a reminder EVERYONE over 12 years old in your group needs to pay $25.00 to dig here.  

To purchase Opal Hill Mine fire agate, or matrix pieces, check out the WM&E Rock Shop page 2 

  If you want a guided tour for 2 - 50, overnight, or for the day call me, and I'll show you how to move some serious rock. Call Craig at Wiita Mining, and Exploration, to reserve this service.

Again this number and e-mail address is ONLY to book a guided tour 760-424-6504, or  e-mail at: wiitas@aol.com  

We have made an excellent DVD about the Opal Hill Mine, on how to mine fire agate, also how to clean your treasures.

Check out a preview at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdBaiGJpOnM  

This entire DVD is available for $19.95 + S&H 

Here is a newspaper article on us at the Opal Hill Mine:   http://www.paloverdevalleytimes.com/main.asp?SectionID=24&SubSectionID=36&ArticleID=8209


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Museum quality matrix pieces

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